Sunday, August 7, 2011

I Need A New Hobby

So I had to have my gallbladder taken out around the end of May. I was okay, and then, all of a sudden, I soooo wasn't. Really, it's quite sad when you're a patient in your own ER. So I am now gallbladder-less and appendix-less. The appendix was okay, but the doc mentioned he could take it out too. I said "TAKE IT"! Lord knows, it probably would have crapped out in 6 months anyway. Surgeries are no longer going to be a hobby for me. I really MUST come up with something a little less painful and far less expensive. :)

The absolute best part of my summer was having my sister Caylen living with me! We had such a wonderful time. Coffee shops, crab legs, Hurricane Harbor, the lake, movies, make-up, thrift shopping, boba tea, Josh Groban concert, ice cream, pool time, red highlights..... She took care of me after surgery; I took care of her after her concussion. We made marvelous roommates!! Hope she comes back next summer! I already miss her terribly.

It's HOT in Texas right now. We are on day 30-something of being over 100 degrees without any rain. Pretty sure that, if it ever rains again, I'm going to need to play in it. :) I'm learning to surf behind a friend's boat this summer. I've swallowed half the lake in the process. I'm not very good at it, and I give everyone a huge laugh while i'm trying. It's so much fun!!

and that's about all I've got.....


cnhenigin said...

love the blog entry, but - really? meeting your little namesake wasn't at least PART of the best part of your summer? :p

Cristan said...

Maybe your new hobby could be helping me with my poor little neglected blog. You're so creative and crafty and come up with the most fabulous recipes. I really do need to talk you and Carmen into helping me keep 'er afloat during all this "early motherhood era."

It could be the sister project. LOL! :D Miss you muchly.